SHIH coin is like a trend like YIELD FARMIG AND DEFI satire that serves no purpose like bitcoin, however it started with the trend of Dogecoin which is a meme and trending which seeks the eye of every potential traders and investor nowadays.

So what really happened? On Thursday, the SHIH cryptocurrency which started as a joke on MONDAY 19th APRIL by a group of anonymous reached its highest ever-value recorded so far and till now growing with a stagnant rate. SHIH 24-hour window saw a 112.89% growth, with the value of the cryptocurrency currently at $0.000000006586 …


WHAT IS SHIH-TZU TOKEN? SHIH TZU project is a meme based that has determined to pursue NFT artwork focused based on animal lover artist and advocate of animal rights including supporting animal shelter and animal with disability shelter. This is an NFT artwork frame to influence and spread awareness of how using NFT (ETH based blockchain) can influence animal advocates and artist to collaborate in multiple avenues. Collaboration between the two parties on NFT groundwork will create powerful impact on changing animal’s lives and those of animal lovers creating a better and greener side.

Why Should You Get Involved? We…


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